You must be a cat if you don’t think your kids need a dog after seeing these pics.

A study by Cambridge researchers in 2017 looked at the relationships in 77 British households of 12-year-olds and their pets. The children were asked about the quality of relationships, including their pets, with the members of their families. Four different dimensions measured the quality: satisfaction with the relationship, feelings of companionship, contact, and conflict.  The children reported not only less conflict with pets than their siblings, but also more satisfaction with those parameters. This is a friendly, educational way of suggesting that they have felt a closer bond with their pet than they have with their brother or sister. In addition, researchers found that children were most associated with dogs in the hierarchy of pets. So, if you really think your children don’t need a dog, you have to be a cat.

#1 8 months ago, our son got a support from a dog.    Our son was primarily dependent on wheelchairs. We were hoping that his dog would help him get better. I think we can say that they succeeded together.

#2 We enjoy seeing updates of the dogs in their new homes. I volunteer for a dog rescue. This one caused me to smile.

#3 Four Paws best friend. CJ (5 years old) And Chance (3 Months Old)

# 4 My son has autism, and his desire for physical interaction at all times is one of his special characteristics. Barb came to our lives and elected herself to the Weighted Blanket & Bodyguard role

#5 I knew my older dog loved children, but watching him love my daughter makes my heart burst.

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