Here are common pieces of food and drink that were invented by mistake.

Well, who could have known that for some of our favorite food and beverages we have today, absolute kitchen disasters, war shortages, and utter coincidences are to thank? The tales are certainly amusing and entertaining, whether they’re urban legends, common myths, or what happened thousands of years ago.
Many individuals who set out on the road of inventing things are prepared to achieve their target by trial and error and are unexpectedly delighted when their concoction sparks various end results.
And experiments are often not deliberate and happen simply through being in a rush and trying to come up with the best possible solution in a particular situation, which may involve cleaning up a dessert that has fallen on the floor only to realize a new one’s lucky innovation.

1 Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the stories is that Ruth Wakefield just baked chocolate cookies for her guests and run out of powdered chocolate from the baker, so she wanted to break up a semi-sweet chocolate bar from Nestle. It turned into a semi-disappointment, like some kitchen experiments do, as the chocolate bits only melted slightly, maintaining their shape. But the visitors loved them, and the next thing you know, in a Boston journal, her recipe was up, increasing Nestle’s sales of chocolate bars.As a reward for printing her recipe on the chocolate bars, the company later awarded Ruth a lifetime supply of Andrew Nestle’s chocolate.

2 Potato Chips

South America, thanks for the potatoes! But we wouldn’t be crunching on crispy potato chips (or crisps if you’re in the UK) if it weren’t for a very angry cook.
According to Saratoga Chips, potato chips were originally not intended to be eaten, as George Crum, a chef in 1853, chose to overcook super thinly sliced potatoes as his clients tried to submit their fried potatoes back again and again, arguing that they were too dense and soggy. Eventually, the original Karens were so pleased with the crunchy slices of potato that they made sure to spread the word about this scrumptious snack and the chef who made it.

3 Coffee

As coffee is said to originate from Ethiopia, a centuries-old legend has it that after consuming the berries of this specific tree, a goat herder named Kaldi found that his goats would become very energetic and not sleep at night. He told a nearby monastery about this and soon everyone was sipping on this relaxing drink that helped them stay up during long hours of prayers at night. The coffee beans soon reached the peninsula of Arabia. This very moment, fast-forward to today, you may be reaching out for a sip of this goodness.

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